The shipping department undertakes the Port Agency and Stevedoring
operation of vessels calling at any port in Cyprus for cargo,
cruise ships and private yachts.

Our service has being offered without interruption for the last 80

Cargo loading / unloading operations are carried out under our
supervision and control, with the employment of port stevedores
and licensed porters as per port regulations. Additional to the
Port Agency, we act as cargo Agents / forwarders for cargos
that arrive in Cyprus.

We work closely with ship brokers and ship Owners and can assist
actively in cargo movements.

  • Port Agency all over Cyprus
  • Cruise Vessel experts.
  • Stevedoring Services
  • Project cargoes
  • Oil & Bulk
  • Husbandry Services & technical calls.
  • Transhipments


Members of the Cyprus Shipping Agents Association.